We are pleased to present the series of collector notes called POLAR DOLLAR (no legal tender) which are related to the Nordic areas called ARCTIC TERRITORIES (north of the Arctic Circle)

This is a series of excellent collector items for all who are collecting world notes and especially for the collectors of polymer (plastic) notes. These notes have a high design quality, printed on Polymer in the same manner as many countries banknotes of today. The notes have also a hologram mark with the serial number, a segmented vertical hologram strip or a similar marking.

This new series are presenting the Arctic areas through a selection of delicate, informative and collection worth notes presenting important subject such as environment, climate and nature as the main elements. These are all extremely important elements in today’s discussion concerning the future in these regions. Polar dollar equals U.S. dollars in value and can be redeemed as described on the notes. These notes are not legal tender.

Polar Dollar 10 dollars        Polar Dollar 2

In 2010 we presented the two first notes in the series (2 and 10 PD), where the wild animal life in the Arctic has been focused by presenting two of the most typical animals from this area, a newborn seal and the polar bear. These animals are today exposed for both human and natural strain.

The interest for these collector notes were overwhelming and the first series where nearly sold out instantly, which resulted in a limited edition of a 2010B and 2010C series.

In 2011 three new notes (3, 8 and 15 PD) were issued in the series of Polar Dollars. As for the two first notes, the wild animal life in the Arctic has been focused by presenting an arctic tern, the walrus and again a polar bear with a cub. All these animals are today exposed for both human and natural strain.

Additionally these notes are presenting persons who have a relation to these areas. The first two notes in the series presented Fridtjof Nansen a well known name in this matter. He was not only a polar explorer, but a scientist, a diplomat and Nobel Prize winner. The next three notes are presenting another famous Norwegian Polar explorer, Roald Amundsen who was the first to reach both the North and South Poles. He was also the first to traverse the Northwest Passage with the polar ship Gjøa.

Polar Dollar 3 dollars  Polar Dollar 8  Polar Dollar 15

New issues in 2012

The series of Polar Dollars has been expanded with another 3 new notes dated 2012. As for previous issues the wildlife in the Arctic is the theme also on these notes, where the arctic fox is presented on the 1 dollar, the musk ox on the 5 dollars and again the polar bear on the 9 dollars bill, and as for the previous issues, the edition are limited for all issues.

Polar Dollar 1 dollars  Polar Dollar 5 dollars  Polar Dollar 9 dollars

The great interest we have experienced for these notes have required a greater number issued for the 1 dollar note. To keep the numbers as low as possible we have issued the 1 dollar with prefix A to L, where each prefix have only 9999 notes.
This makes it possible also to buy the whole set of 12 diferent prefixes with same serialnumber.

12x Polar Dollar 1 dollars     Back of Polar Dollar 1-5-9 dollars

While the previous two series have presented famous polar explorers, this issue is presenting a modern polar expedition. Each note is showing a man skiing and pulling his sledge behind him, the special with this presentation is that when putting the three notes together the picture is completed and showing an expedition of three persons crossing the snow and ice landscape on their way to the North Pole.

The interest for these notes has been great not only by collectors, but also from others, and request for blocks and sheets, especially for use as decorations, has meant that we now also offer a number of variants of blocks with 2 and 3 notes as well as sheets with 15 notes. You can find all these varieties for sale by clicking on the links below

Blocks with:

  2 + 10 PD from 2010  3 + 8 + 15 PD from 2011 2 x 1 PD from 2012

Blocks with three identical notes:

  3 x 1 PD from 2012  3 x 2 PD from 2010 3 x 8 PD from 2011

The first two issues of complete sheets were 12 x 1 PD with the prefix A to L, Specimen and 15 x 1 PD with the prefix M to ZZ, Specimen.

Sheets with 12 x 1 Polar Dollar (A - L) Sheets with 15 x 1 Polar Dollar (M - ZZ)

Complete sheets with 15 of each note, this is an ideal decorations that can be mounted into a decorative frame and is just as suitable for an office, a living room as on the wall in the corridor. The sheets have dimensions 48 x 40 cm.

The 2013 issues consist of 3 new notes with denomination 2 1/2, 6 and 11 Polar Dollars. These notes are printed on the same plastic polymer material as previous issues. New from 2013 is the fantastic vertical hologram strip on the right side of the note, this hologram strip gives the notes a complete new look.

Polar Dollar 2.5 dollars  Polar Dollar 6  Polar Dollar 11

As for previous issues these issues are designed in full color and feature endangered Arctic wildlife: the Polar Bear, the Polar Wolf and part of a Blue Whale.

Back of Polar Dollar 2.5 - 6 - 11 dollars The special design on the back of these notes shows well known sceneries from the world largest island, Greenland, which is a part of the Arctic territories. When putting these three notes together as one, you will get a very nice picture featuring what we know best from Greenland, the ocean with majestic icebergs, the igloo, the hunter with his dog-sledge and in center the trapper in his local kayak, a real picture for decoration.

These notes are denominated in Polar Dollars, where 1 PD is equal to 1 USD.
All single notes (not blocks) are redeemable at Global Numismatic Services L.P., P.O. Box 3332 Houston, Tx 77253, USA.

2014 edition consists of three notes with denominations 1 ½, 3 ½, and 12 Polar dollars. As for previous editions these notes are also printed on the same plastic material (polymer) . These new editions have an improved version of the vertical holographic strip on the right side of the note which gives the notes a modern and complete look.
2014 editions have focused on the area of ​​Svalbard as the northernmost part of Europe. Longyearbyen is located on the main island of Spitsbergen and is the world's northernmost settlement, with approx. 3000 residents. The whole area is approx. 62,000 square kilometers of which 60 % is covered by ice.

These banknotes are also in full colours and show respectively, three Polar Bears, a Walrus and three Puffins all familiar elements of Svalbard's nature.

Polar Dollar 2.5 dollars  Polar Dollar 6  Polar Dollar 11

Back of Polar Dollar 2.5 - 6 - 11 dollarsWhen putting the backside of all three notes next to each other we get a great night view of Longyearbyen with the majestic mountains as a background. Each banknote has a map of Svalbard and a brief description of the area.
This is an image that can be used as decoration both in the office and hobby room and of course it belongs in your banknote collection together with the previous issues in this series.

In addition to providing these three notes individually, they can be supplied in sets with the same serial number as well as the three notes can be delivered as a Specimen sheet with serial Nos. A 0000 and B 0000.

Read more and order directly from the distributor.

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